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Charoen Krung

Charoen Krung: Welcome to Charoen Krung on Midtown East CHAROEN KRUNG [เจริญกรุง, pronounced ‘t͡ɕā.rɤ̄ːn krūŋ’], also known as the ‘Charoen Krung Road’ is an international food hub in Bangkok ranked as the top by world travelers. Also, it has become a favorite neighborhood hangout in the city center of Bangkokians OVER A CENTURY AND A HALF ago, Charoen Krung was not only the first main road in Thailand but also the major multi-cultural center district especially for the Chinese and the European. Diverse cultures integration has made the restaurants in this area unique and interesting in terms of taste and variety of food.

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The Restaurant

OUR STORY, our restaurant so-called “Charoen Krung” began when our ambitious collaborators had an intention of bringing together those best flavorful dishes from corner to corner of the Charoen Krung road and putting them on our menu. In addition, our red ribbon/ highlight dishes i.e. Hunk-Lay, Hor Mok, Nam-Yar Crabmeat (NYC Fun), etc. under the “Eclectic” are the Grandmas’ special recipes passed down in the families for generations. TODAY, we serve a selection of Thai and Asian inspired dishes with a modern twist in a lively, modern space in Midtown East. WE INVITE YOU to join us for an enjoyable meal. Friends, old and new alike, come for great food, great drinks, great atmosphere, and a great experience.

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